Flame arresters quench flame propagation through passive operation. If the gas is ignited and flame tries to travel back to the gas source, it is prevented from reaching the gas source.

The flame arrester should be placed close to the ignition source, thus ensuring that the flame arrester is only utilized to stop a detonation from the ignition source.

Flame Arresters Types Sold By TCI

Choosing the wrong flame arresters will have terrible consequences. The elements or internals of the flame arrester look similar but small differences from crimp height & length make a difference.

Detonation Arresters

Detonation flame arresters can be installed anywhere in a closed piping system and can quench flame speeds at subsonic & supersonic velocities. To prevent catastrophic event, it:

  • disperses the flame front and releases the energy
  • cools the flame to below the ignition of the gas

Deflagration Arresters

Deflagration flame arresters must be installed close to the ignition source. These can be inline or end of line flame arresters:

In line Deflagration Flame Arresters may be located upstream of the max length piping to atmosphere. This arrester is needed when there is ignition of a flammable gas mixture within a pipe.

End of line Deflagration Flame Arresters – flame arrester that is mounted at the end of a pipe which vents to the atmosphere. There is no physical restriction on the expansion of the ignited vapor volume.


It is important to implement regular maintenance to ensure there is no fluid accumulation. Entrained liquid can plug off the flame arrester and cause an increased pressure to drop over time. Flame arresters could be plugged with debris or corroded; this could result in blocked flow.

TCI chemical cleaning process remove oils, corrosion, debris and other items that could plug off the flame arrester without creating any surface damage. The servicing of the flame arrester is planned to minimize interruptions to the facility.


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