Leading the market in high quality, clean combustion solutions for over two decades

Total Combustion Inc. (TCI) is an incineration company that rents and sells patented waste gas combustion equipment.

Rental and For-Purchase Products

Common Rental Applications

  • Pigging
  • Pipeline Blow Downs
  • Bulk Transport Tanks
  • Storage Caverns
  • Oil Batteries and Plants
  • Completion and Well-Testing

Common Purchase Applications

  • Tank Vapors
  • Gas Storage
  • Dehydrator Vapor
  • Separator Gas
  • Casing Gas
  • BTEX Vapors
  • Pipeline Pigging Stations
  • Tanker Loading Stations

Rent or Buy an Incinerator

Why Use Total Combustion Inc

  • Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Flaring
  • Requires Very Little Maintenance
  • Natural Draft, No Fans Required
  • No smoke, No odor and No visible flame
  • Simple to Operate
  • Accepts Multiple Waste Gas Streams at Different Pressures
  • 99.8% Combustion Efficiency
  • Instant Start Up and Shut down
  • 15+ Year Product Lifespan

Total Combustion Inc.

57 Belich Crescent
Red Deer County, Alberta
T4S 2K5