Total Combustion Inc. (TCI) is a combustion company that rents and sells reliable and easy to use technology that reduces methane emissions.


Short Term (RENTALS)

  • Well Completions and Testing
  • Storage Concerns
  • Bulk Transport Tanks
  • Pipeline Blow Downs
  • Pipeline Pigging Stations
  • Oil Batteries
  • Plant Turnarounds

Long Term (Permanent)

  • Tank Vapors
  • Gas Storage
  • Dehydrators
  • Vent Gas Reduction
  • Separator Gas
  • Casing Gas
  • BTEX Vapors
  • Tanker Loading Stations


  • Pipeline Blow Downs
  • Odorizing Lines
  • Pipeline Pigging (ILI Runs)
  • Tie In Of New Lines
  • Commissioning Of New Lines
  • Pickling New Lines
  • Depressurizing Pipelines
  • Abandonments


Engineered Methane Reduction

  • Engineered to achieve >99% Combustion Efficiency.
  • Technology is Third-Party Field Tested.
  • Reduces Methane Emissions.
  • Proven Alternative to Venting and Candlestick Flares.

Ease of use

  • Simple to operate.
  • Mobile Units are designed for rapid deployment.
  • No fans or blowers needed to operate.
  • Instant Start-up & Shut down, leading to less time on site (not refractory lined).

A partner in your success

  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • High Quality Materials = Highly Reliable in the Field.
  • 365 days of reliable uptime.
  • A dedicated service delivery team supporting your entire project.

Discrete Combustion

  • No smoke, odor, or visible flame for discreet combustion.
  • Minimize impact to local communities and residents.
  • No radiant heat concerns.
  • Enhanced safety.

Total Combustion Inc.

57 Belich Crescent
Red Deer County, Alberta
T4S 2K5