Leading the Market in Mobile Combustion for over 25 years

Total Combustion Inc. (TCI) is a combustion company that rents and sells reliable and easy to use technology that reduces methane emissions.

Innovative Incineration Solution

TCI is at the forefront of providing solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, focusing on reducing emissions and improving efficiency. Our incineration technology is not just about meeting regulations; it’s about setting new standards in environmental stewardship.

Watch our overview video to see how our commitment to innovation and our clients is driving change in the industry.


Short Term (RENTALS)

  • Well Completions and Testing
  • Storage Concerns
  • Bulk Transport Tanks
  • Pipeline Blow Downs
  • Pipeline Pigging Stations
  • Oil Batteries
  • Plant Turnarounds

Long Term (Permanent)

  • Tank Vapors
  • Gas Storage
  • Dehydrators
  • Vent Gas Reduction
  • Separator Gas
  • Casing Gas
  • BTEX Vapors
  • Tanker Loading Stations


  • Pipeline Blow Downs
  • Odorizing Lines
  • Pipeline Pigging (ILI Runs)
  • Tie In Of New Lines
  • Commissioning Of New Lines
  • Pickling New Lines
  • Depressurizing Pipelines
  • Abandonments


Engineered Methane Reduction

  • Engineered to achieve >99% Combustion Efficiency.
  • Technology is Third-Party Field Tested.
  • Reduces Methane Emissions.
  • Proven Alternative to Venting and Candlestick Flares.

Ease of use

  • Simple to operate.
  • Mobile Units are designed for rapid deployment.
  • No fans or blowers needed to operate.
  • Instant Start-up & Shut down, leading to less time on site (not refractory lined).

A partner in your success

  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • High Quality Materials = Highly Reliable in the Field.
  • 365 days of reliable uptime.
  • A dedicated service delivery team supporting your entire project.

Discrete Combustion

  • No smoke, odor, or visible flame for discreet combustion.
  • Minimize impact to local communities and residents.
  • No radiant heat concerns.
  • Enhanced safety.

Total Combustion Inc.

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