Join Our Dynamic Team at Total Combustion Inc!

At Total Combustion Inc (TCI), we are on the lookout for skilled and reliable technical individuals to join our growing team. We don’t just hire for specific job postings; we are always open to welcoming great and reliable talent into our family.

Who Are We Looking For?

At TCI, we value dependable, hardworking individuals with a strong work ethic.

We always have exciting opportunities for Skilled Technicians to support our Rental and Manufacturing Operation and who possess:

  • 5 Years’ Experience: In Oil and Gas Well testing and/or Pipeline construction/integrity roles, with a strong familiarity with leases, lease locations by LSD, and the ability to follow directions.
  • Mechanical Skills: A minimum of 5 years’ experience working mechanically with tools, coupled with the ability to tow heavy loads.

Why Choose Total Combustion Inc?

Joining TCI means becoming a part of a well-established Alberta company with a rich history spanning 25 years.

For Highly Skilled Professionals Tired of Extended Absences:

Our technical roles at TCI offer the perfect balance for individuals who relish fieldwork on oil and gas leases but still value living locally and in the comforts of home. Unlike traditional roles that keep you away for extended periods, our fieldwork typically involves day trips, allowing you to return home each night. By choosing a role at TCI, you can enjoy a fulfilling career without sacrificing precious time away from your loved ones.

Diverse Opportunities in Fieldwork and Innovation:

At TCI, your journey is not confined to the field alone. In addition to our field operations, we provide opportunities for working in our shop, where you’ll contribute to building and creating our patented equipment intended for clients all over the world. This unique blend of field and shop work allows for a varied and engaging experience, catering to individuals with diverse skill sets.

Company Culture:

Our culture is rooted in innovation and teamwork. At TCI, you’ll be part of a dynamic environment where your contributions matter. As a forward-thinking company, we understand the importance of family and personal lives. TCI promotes a healthy work-life balance, providing flexibility with time to ensure you can excel in both your professional and personal endeavors.

Employee Benefits:

We prioritize the well-being of our team members and offer a comprehensive benefits program, ensuring your health and happiness are taken care of. Additionally, we provide RRSP matching to help you secure your financial future.

If you are a highly skilled professional yearning for a change from extended work stints away from home, TCI offers a refreshing alternative.

We value your expertise and commitment, providing a fulfilling role that allows you to showcase your skills without sacrificing the comfort of being close to home.

Total Combustion Inc.

57 Belich Crescent
Red Deer County, Alberta
T4S 2K5